National Apple Dumpling Day playdate

Apples, apples, one, two, three,
Apples for you,
Apples for me.
Apples for big,
Apples small,
Apple trees tiny,
Apple trees tall.
Apples sour,
Apples sweet,
Apples, apples, are nice to eat.
Let's get CRAFTY!

We will meet up at the park to do this craft. The organizer will provide the paint, apples, and brushes all you need to bring is whatever you would like to be painted (canvas bag, aprons, tee shirts, etc). Also you may want your child to wear older clothes or being an over shirt in case it gets a little messy.

This will be a pot luck event so please sign up with the item you will be bringing.  Please make notes of any food allergies so we can honor them!  We will have a great lunch and then enjoy some yummy apple dessert.

This craft has little to do with apple dumplings but you can definitely buy some at the store to have as a snack after the craft is done!

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