Handprint Leaf

Hand Print Leaf

If your hosting a Letter "L" playdate or showcasing Autumn, this is a fun and easy handprint to do!  Since your adding a couple fall colored paints to their hands and letting your little one squish them to mix them up a bit, this is PERFECT for toddlers and babies.  I did this one with my 17month old but I'm sure you can imagine we do these all the time.  She was amazed that I let her squish her hand!

Have your tile ready to go - wipe is clean of any dust.  I bought ours at Lowe's for .79cents each.

Dab 3-4 fall colors onto your little ones hand and let them squish them together

*I like to get my hands in the mess as well so I can gently guide their hand without taking any paint off

Press their hand directly down and lift up before they get the idea to move their fingers

*Have a wet towel nearby to easily erase "mistakes" for quick re-do's

Let the paint dry - usually takes about 20 minutes total

Using a paint pen or a narrow paint brush, draw on the leaf's veins

Let it completely dry

Spray with a gloss sealant

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