Thumbprint Critters

Thumbprint Critters - Too Cute for Baby and Toddler Keepsake Clothes!

I cannot believe how easy these were to make!  I saw a little boy at the park yesterday with this on and asked the mom where she bought it.  She told me how she made hers and I rushed home and broke out my fabric paints!  Unfortunately I had to wait for my baby to finish her nap before starting my new craft.

For the toddler t-shirt I dipped my babies thumb into yellow paint to make the baby ducks, then let it dry.  After it was dry I painted her thumb green and made the froggie.  Her part was DONE!

Next I drew in the legs and faces with a Sharpie - not recommended.  It blurred after the 1st washing.  Splurge on the fabric markers, its worth it.  I used fabric paint for everything else and it hasn't had a single issue.

I was having so much fun with this that I had to make my favorite flower handprints too!  She's always in a onsie so I grabbed one of her white onsies and began the thumb print process again.  Once the duckies and frog was dry I painted her hand red and made a print high enough to draw a stem on.  This fabric paint dries quickly so make it fast!

Both of these shirts are worn pretty regularly and I've had no fading and TONS of compliments!  These are definitely keepsakes.

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Christine said...

LOVE THIS! It even looks easy to do!

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