Why use playdates and playgroups for your children?
Playdates are great for kids!  They learn how to interact with other kids, they learn how to share, and just how to get along in general. And it gives parents a great opportunity to connect with other adults to talk about parenting, but also to talk about things totally unrelated to being a parent, which is refreshing.”

Using a playdate as an opportunity for parents and children alike is important, experts say. But before you get out your calendar and start making calls to other parents, it's important to understand playdate etiquette. Remember that there’s more to it than just scheduling a time, date, and place to meet. Age, frequency, and location are just a few of the important factors to take into consideration when you’re planning your little one's social calendar.

Use the links on the right to search topics such as Holidays, Seasons, Handprint Art, Little Learners, Lil' Chefs...etc.  I have been a playgroup organizer for over 3 years now, my daughters are 4 this year.  I love every minutes of it.  Hosting fun and imaginative playdates for the moms in my group lets me find the inner Martha Stewart...even though I have no creatvie skill I can follow Family Fun's directions no problem!  We have regular park playdates, fieldtrips, and no theme in home playdates as well. 

I've posted the descriptions of past playdates for all to use.  Please modify them to suite your group!  If your looking for a playdate idea, have questions on how to start one, or have something to add....Leave a Comment!  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  I Love Comments!

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