Create Your Own Advent Calendar Playdate

An advent calendar contains reminders each day that Christmas is coming. Advent is a term from the Latin word adventur which means "arrival". The advent officially begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Each December, families begin to decorate their homes, inside and out. They get out the special Christmas dishes to use during the holidays. The Christmas photo album is proudly displayed for all to enjoy. The favorite Christmas stories and books are set out. 

An advent calendar begins the time of anticipation. The house is filled with Christmas music and the sweet smell of baking. It is truly a time of preparation and joy.

Your hostess will have Santa Advent calendars for the kids to color and decorate.  The kiddos will take home their calendars along with cotton balls to fill in their calendar.  After they are done with their craft its time to PLAY!

The hostess will provide some snacks but feel free to bring something to share along with your little ones sippy cup.

Space is limited so RSVP for yourself and include how many kiddos will be attending in the comment portion of your RSVP.

The second version of the craft (print template 1a with calendar days December 1 to 25) is a Christmas Activity Calendar and
(print template 2a - with 24 days for an Advent calendar)

These calendar versions offer the opportunity to write and plan family, child care, and preschool activities for each day and
write them under the day number.

The calendar is a great way to preserve what happened during the holidays. It also makes a cute gift for children to make for friends and family. For a simpler activity for toddlers (18 months and older) it can also be used to simply glue a cotton ball on each day as Christmas approaches.

Below are some examples of 2-3 word activities that can be written and fit in the limited space and adults can help the children plan and write them:

Bake cookies, call Grandma/pa, wrap presents, skating or skiing day, snowman fun, make paper snowflakes, sing Xmas songs, play group day, show & tell day, Xmas video night, read ___(Title of a book),  etc.

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