Kid's Christmas Card Exchange - Virtual Event

I know my kiddos light up when they receive a letter or package in the mail.

What little one doesn't?

It's time to do our annual Kid's Christmas Card Exchange. If you would like to participate all you have to do is RSVP "Yes" and email your mailing
address to the hostess.

In the first week of December the hostess will send all the participants a list of the kids and their addresses.

Once you get the list, help your little one fill out Christmas cards for their friends and drop
them in the mail! 

Please do not RSVP Yes unless you are committed to sending Christmas cards to all the participants.

Happy Holidays!

*What is a Virtual Event? 
These are events that have no meeting time or place.  They occur in your own home at a time you choose.  When you RSVP Yes you are saying your going to do it, its like your own little reminder.  Once finished, share your experience with the group!

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