November 3rd is Sandwich Day!

One of the greatest food-related innovations of all-time occurred -- according to legend -- when gambling enthusiast and Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, ordered his roast beef dinner be placed
between two slices of bread in 1762.

Ta-da! The sandwich was born!

Today we "celebrate" National Sandwich Day!

It doesn't matter what kind of sandwich you like...
Chicken Salad, PB & J, Ham & Cheese or even a Chocolate Sandwich!

No question about it, we all love sandwiches!
So today, bring a sample tray of your favorite sandwich
and we'll all celebrate together!

Space is limited, so please only RSVP for yourself.
Also, remember to bring your lil one's sippy cup.

Please list what kind of sandwich you will bring in the comments,
so we don't have duplicates.

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