Scarecrow Craft Playdate

Join us for a fun-filled fall morning! The playdate will be outside so we can enjoy the gorgeous weather and have fun with our friends!

 The kiddos will color scarecrow coloring pages, make a fun scarecrow to take home and burn off some energy running around the park.

Our hostess will provide everything we need for the craft.

The playdate is limited to 10 kiddos so please be sure to RSVP for the number of children attending.
1 Child= RSVP+0 guests;
2 Children= RSVP+1 guest...

We will have mini deli sandwiches, fresh fruit, sweet tea and lemonade, but please remember to bring your little ones sippy cup!

Also please bring a todder friendly snack to share, and indicate what you're bringing in the comment section of your RSVP so we don't have duplicates.
Scarecrow Necklace for Autumn Playdate

How to make this craft

His job is to scare the birds and fill their hearts with dread. But your job is easier, to choose which to eat first: his arms, legs, or head.

Wrapped round taffy or caramel (head)
2 Tootsie Flavor Roll Twisties (arms)
2 rolls of colorful candies (legs); we used Sprees; Smarties work too
1/2-ounce box of raisins (body)
Low-temperature glue gun
Small bundle of raffia

1. Keep the wrapping on all of the candies and glue the head, arms, and legs to the raisin box body. Parents may want to supervise use of glue gun...you can use regular glue but it just wont stay together for a long time.

2. Cut five 4-inch pieces of raffia. Tie four pieces into a bunch by knotting the fifth piece around the center of the bundle. Glue the knot to the top of the body at the base of the head as shown. Trim the raffia if you like.

3. Cut a piece of raffia long enough to fit over your child's head. Glue the center of the strand to the back of the box. Tie the ends together, and your edible neckwear is ready.

How to make this craft

There are a lot of steps but my almost 3 year old breezed through it, we talked about the shapes, and each body part as we added them . You will notice that my shapes are way less than perfect, but if they are clearly recognizable you are golden. Time is short for anyone caring for young kids, don’t fret over your shapes being perfect!

Gather your materials. You will need 5 different color pieces of construction paper ( you can use scrap if you want for all but one) we used orange, green, yellow, neutral and light blue , 2 large googly eyes, a marker, scissors and a glue stick.

Start by drawing a scarecrow head and mouth. Cut out.

Next cut out ( or have your child cut out) a triangle hat and rectangle shirt and arms from the green paper.

Cut out many smaller rectangles from the yellow paper for hair.

Cut out a orange triangle for the nose and 3 orange circles for the buttons.

Start gluing. Now you can just let them at it but to me this isn’t a creative project at all, it’s too structured for that, to me this is a shape lesson really. Here is what I do. Show your child the shapes and ask them what they look like. I help up the large rectangle and asked my son if he thought this was the scarecrow’s head, ” no it’s his belly!” Glue it on. Don’t forget to ask what each shape is or label the shape for them.

Next add the head… I suggested this was an arm.  Don’t forget to have fun!

Keep labeling, and adding the shapes to build your scarecrow. Here he is adding the hair.
Add the arms.

If you are doing this with young toddlers don’t forget to label the colors as well! Add your hat!

Add the eyes and nose.

Add your buttons.

Let dry!

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