Toddler Sign Language Playdate/Learning Date

ASL Learning Playdate!

These Learning Playdates are a bit different then our usual free play playdates!  Please see the lesson plan below to see if you child is at a level where they will grasp at least half of the lesson.  Since all children develop at differently we will not be putting an age requirement on these.  Just use your best judgment for your children.

Please list what snack you will be bringing for our snack time and list any allergies as well.

Lesson Plan Idea
Spring Rain Lesson Plan
Sign Language: Spring Rain, Flowers colors
Developmental concept: Pincer grasp, Pre-writing, color recognition, matching

Free Play:
• Bag Kite activity - tie the plastic bag handles together with a string then allow for a longer string for the child to hold onto while running. Usually 2 feet works fine.

Clean up transition song - use bring your favorite one to share!
Story Time:
• Welcome Song
• Introduce signs: Bugs, Colors, Rainbow, Rain, Windy, Clouds, Sun, Flowers, Warm
• Read ‘’Bugs, Bugs, Bugs’

Music & Movement:
Play cd and introduce rain stick
Transition song or activity to craft

• Flowers
• Give each child flowers
• Use glue stick on flower, have child take tissue paper, crumple and place on flower
• Focus on requesting , pincer grasp, etc.

Wash hands

Snack time
Show signs for: Eat, Hungry, Cracker, Drink
Focus on requesting and turn taking

Closing Circle
(Filler) Read book again or have each child try out the rainstick again
Goodbye song: Goodbye____, Goodbye________, Goodbye________,
We’re sad to see you go!

Since we are doing colours this week we discussed the Spanish words for each colour as well as the ASL sign for them as well:

Yellow - amarillo
ASL The sign for "yellow" is made by forming the letter "y" with your right hand. Shake your hand from the wrist, and move it to the right.

Green - verde
The sign for "green" is made by forming the letter "g" with your right hand. Shake your hand from the wrist, and move it to the right.

Blue - azul
The sign for "blue" is made by forming the letter "b" with your right hand. Twist/shake your hand from the elbow (the wrist doesn't bend on this sign).

Purple - morado
Shake a "P" twice. Use a movement that pivots from the elbow.

Red - rojo
The sign for "red" is made by stroking your lips one time with the tip of your index finger.

Flowers - morado
Touch a "squished O-hand" to your cheek on one side of your nose and then the other.

Mom - mamá
Make the sign for "Mother" by placing the thumb of your right hand against your chin. Your hand should be open.

Grandma - la abuela
The sign for "grandmother" is made by touching your chin with the thumb of your dominant hand, as when signing "mother." The dominant hand should be open. Move your hand forward in two small arches.
Note: Many people just move the hand forward without the arches.

Family - la familia
FAMILY: The hands trace the shape of a circle. As if representing a family sitting around a dinner table.

Love - el amor
The sign for "love" is made by crossing both hands over your heart.
(Middle of your chest.) Your hands may be closed or open, but the palm side should face toward you.

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